All Star Peaks Earrings. Elegant sex appeal

The All Peaks Star earrings represent the elegant sex appeal. Usually the jewels are worn by women to testify affected (wedding rings, engagement rings ) usually tied to particular events. Normally even necklaces and earrings are designed and worn to represent a feeling (heart ) or a social symbol (crosses).

Griffit offers jewelry that enhance the unique characteristics of the wearer through a modern design.

A twelve-pointed star together with two silver pyramids of which the second elongated. In a nutshell, this could be an attempt by the technical description of the earrings. In stylistic key jewelry is a mix of gothic overtones and neoclassical settings ;emerge earrings with strong aesthetic impact.

From a height of 6.5 cm in length All Peaks Star earrings does not go unnoticed. Worn express elegance and above all sex appeal.

Define the sex appeal is no easy task but in a nutshell you could say that if the appeal is the first instinct of attraction sex appeal is an erotic sensation net. However, the sex appeal has another key feature, it must be elegant and stylistically impeccable otherwise it would not be such.

In general, all the jewelry Griffit have these characteristics, however, All Peaks Star earrings are the most endowed with power of feminine attraction.

In the prototyping phase we did some testing to see if the earrings had a value or not. While some photographs of the models the photographer complained that in different poses earrings too overshadowing the girl's face. That is, in his opinion the jewels literally hung over the wearer.

The photographer suggested to change the poses so that there was a balance between jewelry and women face. At that moment we realized that we have achieved the desired result. In fact, if the jewelry emerge with respect to the behaviors of professional models probably means that they are especially beautiful and make an impact.

Create jewelry with a strong sex appeal is about equipping women of a formidable tool of seduction. If the clothing, hairstyle and makeup of creating footprints important in the process of exaltation of the beauty of the jewelry Griffit confer decisive step to achieve the elegant sex appeal.

All Star Peaks earrings are not just accessories, but rather jewelry formidable able to catapult your attention to the wearer.